Just Dance Music and Dance offers violin classes in Dubai for all ages. We are pleased to announce that now we also provide the violin classes in Abu Dhabi. We offer a comprehensive program structure that is specifically designed to enhance the musicality of the students. Our program teaches our students sight reading, musical theory and a passionate performance to every piece. Among all the musical instruments, the violin is perhaps the most stirring and emotionally stimulating instrument of all. Because of the deeply emotional sound the violin produces, it usually referred to as the door to the performers’ heart and passion. Played well, the violin and the performer projects an emotion to the listeners and touches their hearts.

Dance Class Time Schedule

Batch: Sub-Junior / Junior / Senior / Ladies Fitness Dance
Time : 1 hour per class
Age : Kids (4+ years) & Adults

Important of Violin:

Improves Your Memory.
Enhances Your Creativity.
Teaches You Discipline.
Develops Social Skills & Teamwork.
Improves Your Math Performance.
Enhances Your Coordination.
Increases Your Confidence & Self Esteem.
Sharpens Your Concentration.

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